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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tree Services in Portland, OR

Aspen Tree Service has the solutions for your tree-related problems. Our crew of skilled arborists will come to your property to remove and prune the trees on your property and clean up your unwanted debris.

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For your convenience, we have provided some answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.
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When do I need to prune my tree and why is it important?
A. Regular pruning is necessary for many reasons. Looking nice and healthy is important but regular pruning also keeps your property safe and prevents plant diseases. If a tree is damaged, it can become a safety risk and cause limb damage. When a tree is unhealthy, it invites insect infestation and disease. At Aspen Tree Service, we know and understand plant health care and can take care of all your pruning needs.
My tree is in a location where it is difficult to reach with machinery. How can I get it pruned?
A. Our crew at Aspen Tree Service is highly skilled in tree climbing and can gain access to any tree.
I have a tree with dead branches. Can I save it or does it need to be removed?
A. For a tree with dead branches, it is necessary to call for tree service right away because dead branches are a safety risk. The dead branches need to be removed safely then the tree needs to be diagnosed. From this point, we can discuss what pre and post treatments we can prescribe without removing the tree.
Do you offer stump removal? Why do stumps need to be removed?
A. Aspen Tree Service offers stump removal and this is important both for aesthetic and safety reasons. If a tree stump is left in the ground and neglected, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for insects, including bees.
Does weather contribute to insect infestation?
A. Mild winters can contribute to an increase in the insect populations the following season. In Oregon, you should watch for borers, spider mites, scale and the return of gypsy moths.
For any other tree care questions or concern, please contact our office. 503-477-4634